Tomos Revival = Flexer

I see on the european web page, the REVIVAL it's a FLEXER with full of chrome !!!!

I'm sure the REVIVAL use the FLEXER model frame !!!!!

Re: Tomos Revival = Flexer

I just looked at the Flexer come I haven't heard anything about this model before? Is it new? I think it looks awesome. I would buy it before I would buy a Revival.

Re: Tomos Revival = Flexer

They have massive peds in Europe that we will never see...

Re: Tomos Revival = Flexer

Check out the Revival on ebay..235 but has five days to go.

No reserve

Re: Tomos Revival = Flexer

I personally don't like the Flexer at all. The Revival is okay... but it's too "motorcycly" for me. I like the APN 6 a lot! I just wish they still made em' and sold em' for what they used to. "$200.00" Now it's like $1700 because it's historic... But Oh well... that's just my opinion.

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