Will it work?

I have a 1977 puch maxi S e-50 ,stock strator and magneto and flywheel but I have this wiring setup^ if I buy treatlands powerdyno CDI ignition kit will it work


Re: Will it work?

Bot positive but Sure looks ok

Re: Will it work?

No, the power dynamo will only have one power wire, you will need to do a common power wiring harness with a regulator or use a reg/rec and convert to dc.

Re: Will it work?

not without a little tweaking, but if you've got the kill from the powerdynamo going to that black wire, the lights yellow to yellow, run a parallel one from the yellow also back to the taillight, and greens grounded you should be legal, but no brake light.

the brake light you'll have to switch the switches in the brakelevers to "normally closed"

nobody really does this. scroll down the puch wiring page in the wiki and just copy the hardwire directions, basically everyone going CDI uses the one where you're plugging the gray and yellow wires into the yello from the stator, and grounding the other side from the head and taillight, for always on and no brakelight wiring.

treats does have NC brake switches that fit and you could copy wiring from an NC wired moped like tomos I think, to get the brakelight functional.

Re: Will it work?

yea you will need a volt reg also, as graham said.

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