Check ur needle bearing and topend stuffs

Probably Fred /

Normally when I pick up a bike I take apart and inspect the top topend and ignition. do some cylinder clean up, intake matching, shave head down a little bit etc. to unleash some free power

But this time because it was a running, one owner lo mi bike before I got it and I was lazy I didn’t.

Bike was really out of tune because previous owner installed a biturbo with jet kit from 77 that had the goofy huge double foam unifilter with it.

Put new gaskets, float, correct parts, needles and jets in the carb, new metal mesh filter and Installed a 22 tooth Rear sprocket and rode it for quite awhile.

It went around 40mph but It didn’t have quite the performance, so I knew I’d have to open up/bevel the stepped 15mm intake hole to match the larger carb outlet


and then Open the 14mm cylinder intake hole to match the 15mm intake tube and take the head down a few millimeters bla, bla, bla


so after I put around 500 miles on it and the odometer read exactly 1300 miles I decided it was time to tear down the top end inspect and make improvements.

I had most of the work done with the exception of seeing if the piston skirt was in the intake window, check ring gap, removing and cleaning piston and checking/replacing need bearing so when I did I found this:


Ready to throw broken parts in my engine at any second so I lucked out this time!

I hate needle bearing damaged engines so a new top racing bearing is going in, I got good luck with those

Re: Check ur needle bearing and topend stuffs

I did that when I got a new piston for an old a35 I had, put the beat to shit needle bearing in on accident and it failed a couple of days afterward.

Re: Check ur needle bearing and topend stuffs

classic carl jepsen /

Ball bearing and power do not mix. I think you could use either bushings or even sintered bronze. Heck, bushings used in steam engines where they support loads immensely larger than what you are going to put on there. not BEARINGS

Re: Check ur needle bearing and topend stuffs

classic carl jepsen /

I will add that it is much easier to replace just the bronze bushing than the entire steel part or both parts WHEN they wear out. A good rule of thumb is to design the part that is the easiest to make and/or install to be the first to wear out

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