What's your fav 16" tire?

It's time to put new tires on my moped And I haven't bought tires in like 6 years. I need some that will fit under Tomos Sprint front fender that are good on asphalt and packed gravel roadways.


Treatland links only please. (edited)

Re: What's your fav 16" tire?

Re: What's your fav 16" tire?

Beach Club Nick /

Hands down my favorite is the GP1. But treats is sold out https://www.treatland.tv/hutchinson-GP1-tire-p/hutchinson-gp1-16x2.50.htm

Re: What's your fav 16" tire?

Dirty30 Dillon /

Those hutchinson spherus are amazing all seasons.

Re: What's your fav 16" tire?

Heidenau k55 if you can fit them. They are without a doubt the stickiest most rubber having tire in the 16 inch size.

Re: What's your fav 16" tire?

The k55 for sure! Just get a 2.25 if they have them in stock.

Re: What's your fav 16" tire?

Michael Johns /

I will sound like a ''normie'' but classic - HUTCHINSON GP1. My totally fav tires. There is even a ''fun'' story about them. First time i bought it in Europe and seller didnt know what inch means so he had to use some converters to actually pickup the good one. I also used https://amazingconverter.com/metric-conversion/metric-conversion-from-inches to make sure that he doesnt scam me. And after 7 years i still remember exactly: 16'' = 40,64 CM haha.

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