Wilmington Mopeds x Clyde Singleton x Tacos

Wanted to share this for others that might be in the Wilmington, NC area who aren't attending the Moped Spring Break event-

My buddy who is coming to chef it up for Saturday's dinner at Moped Spring Break just dropped a surprise announcement that he's doing a kitchen takeover next Friday night (4/9/21) at Nollie's Taco Joint in Carolina Beach, which happens to be where check-in is being hosted. If you live in the area, come get some of his special Cheerwine BBQ tacos and look at some mopeds! Bonus fact/moped connection- we met and instantly bonded thanks to mopeds a few years back when he moved to Winston-Salem and was ripping around town on a Targa.

(And if you're looking at the name "Clyde Singleton" and are thinking "wait- I thought that guy does the skateboarding thing"- you're thinking correctly, but he is also just as talented in the kitchen!)

Re: Wilmington Mopeds x Clyde Singleton x Tacos

Clyde Singleton was dope on 101, with Gino and Dill. Dude was super talented, im sure he could make some bomb ass tacos.

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