Baker's Dozen Run 2021 (Its happening)

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Hey all!

Thought I'd make a short little update post for everyone here:

Yes, its still happening!

Yes, we will have some COVID related protocols in place and hope to share details of those as we get closer to the event!

What will lodging look like?

ACAT: All Camping All Times I hope you like washing yourself in a creek or large river

Why does your signup form at really suck?

Because I am bad at Wordpress. Looking for help in that department plz shoot me an email! Otherwise the signup page does work, it just doesn't tell you that it works.

Registration can also be handled at the event but please please please please sign up in advance

Make sure to also follow @bakersdozenrun on Instagram where you can get my same ramblings but with pictures!

Any race-critical updates will also be shared here

Currently having a little contest where I'm looking for submissions of people's bike builds and the winner will recieve a little treat during the race! So submit your photos on Instagram

Re: Baker's Dozen Run 2021 (Its happening)

Our team is registered!

Re: Baker's Dozen Run 2021 (Its happening)

Fuck yeah

Re: Baker's Dozen Run 2021 (Its happening)


this is my hog.

Re: Baker's Dozen Run 2021 (Its happening)

> LSLB RXb Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> >

> this is my hog.


Re: Baker's Dozen Run 2021 (Its happening)

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Damn beat me to the banana hammock...gag....

Re: Baker's Dozen Run 2021 (Its happening)

my summer filled up with events and i dont have vacation for this.... so if imma show up at the Roanoke Finish line, what should i bring? pizza? chocolate chip pumpkin bread? Gatorade?

heads up(referring to the day of Roanoke Finish)

1) last i checked there are still road blocks up on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Roanoke, this may complicate getting to the finish.

2) also, im not gonna say where, but between Christiansburg and Salem, a part of rte11 is seriously maybe a1/2mile...its the dumbest thing ever... but there's that rule after 55mph roads. can this be ignored by riders this once? if not y'all need to plan on riding in the grass next to the road or something cause there is not a quick way to go around it once you commit to that route. (edited)

Re: Baker's Dozen Run 2021 (Its happening)

we had to cross a 4 lane 70mph road without lights in Texas during the 1st year i think? & we were also on 70mph roads just period that year as well i think. i remember tricks being UPSET with me.

either way, i think we will all be fine on those little stretches of fast road.

causing traffic is kind of badass tbh.

Re: Baker's Dozen Run 2021 (Its happening)

I own that exact pack of men's low rise briefs, so I guess I'm all set.

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