tire question for puch owners

wondering if anyone is running an mc11 and is still able to run the stock painted fender? maybe depends on size as im running the 2.50 on my maxi and love em but my tires are a lil fat wondering if maybe 2.25 would do the trick.

Re: tire question for puch owners

Tommy K /
amf OP

edit someone pmed measurements and if they wont work ill buy this.https://www.treatland.tv/old-timey-NARROW-tire-party-in-17-x-2-00-p/narrow-tire-party-17x2.00.htm

Re: tire question for puch owners

2.25 for stock fenders.

Re: tire question for puch owners

. (edited)

Re: tire question for puch owners


I got 2.50 to fit on stock fenders puch maxi. the clearance is tiiiiiight but if you take your time you can get clearance on both sides. If you use a new chain, as it stretches you can move the tire further back a little and gain a teensy bit more clearance. Of course 2.25 would fit just fine. You just won't be as cool as someone who has super fatties but you'll still be moderately cool.

Re: tire question for puch owners

Beach Club Nick /

I put 2.50 width MC11s on this Maxi without issue. (edited)


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