Re: 1966 Italjet Conquistador.

I'm running a 23mm polini CP and a vintage xchamber.

It's pretty much ready to go, except I need a Ducati ignition module. Should be here Monday.

It's got a Ducati Electronic ignition, which is pretty neat-o.


I have a points stator and mag, so I might hook that up, because I'm impatient and wanna see this thing run, and see if it lives up to the claims of old timey 50cc GP racers.

Supposedly, it's around 15hp and can hit 70-120mph, depending on gearing. So, that'll be interesting.

I've also got a full fairing i might hook up, or maybe I'll go really crazy and put the dustbin fairing on it.


But that would hide this beautiful engine.


Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Another nice build!

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Rebuilt the P6 with new seals. The mag side was leaking bad.

Put on the points ignition and fucked with it for two goddamn days. It would start, then die right away. Wore out all my drill batteries again and again.

Rejetted a million times, fucked with the timing and the points gap, condenser, pilot jet, over and over again.

Then I reversed the polarity on the coil, because that was the only goddamn thing I didn't try.

Who knew the P6 was positive ground? Not me. At least, until now.

Fucker fired right up. Now it starts just by flicking the back tire in first gear.

Which is good, because it's a bump start race engine with no kickstarter. The whole shaft has been removed and it's plugged.

The stupid thing, is my electronic ignition module should be here tomorrow, so if I wasn't such an impatient fucker, hell bent in seeing this run, I could a just waited, instead of torturing myself for two days.

Rode it around the block, all 6 gears work, but the jetting is all wacked so I didn't go nuts...

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

So you have a British wired Italian motor, haha. I have have this race motor I purchased for my yamaha yg1 to mess with some day. It has a total loss system with modified rotary valve, and larger intake. It will be a bitch to get it tuned without the kick. All the internals have been removed. I guess I could split the cases and install the missing guts?

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

You are a brave and patient man for taking on projects like you do. Here is that motor.


Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Yeah, luckily I could drill start it. If I had to kick it over a billion times, I'd be crippled.

I have a Yamaha 2LC 100 rotary engine that I rebuilt for a 67 trailmaster (posted that way back in a thread about the Lazer moped.)

I got all the parts to rebuild that bike, but keep putting it off. Which is stupid, because I could probably sell it in a heartbeat, compared to the obscure shit I'm trying to sell that no one wants.

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