1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Another "not a moped," and another unicorn found in the wild.

I was offered this about a year ago, and kept it in mind, knowing that it was only offered to me, and not for sale to the general public (meaning, if I didn't buy it, it would live out the rest of it's life in the rafters, next to twenty other rare beasts.)

So today, I figured, screw it. I'm gonna go get it.

1969 Italjet Conquistador, 90cc Minarelli P4, made in italy, mostly complete, extra engine, extra tank, and a lot of crust.

Not gonna get started on it for a while, got other things I need to finish first, but it should be a pretty easy build. Hopefully have it done by summertime.

Then I can ride it cross country on one tank of fuel.


Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Factory speed holes.


Two hunks of minarelli madness.


Butt crust.


Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.



Dellorto on the side.


Italjet belt buckle.


Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Crikey, that tank! It's like the camel of the bike world. If you paint the tank, please put a smile under the 2 gas caps.

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Thank you for sharing your unicorns with us.

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Interesting, wish I had your connections...

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Just gotta keep searching. This bike came from a guy with at least 50 old Italian bikes. I met him when I needed a rear Grimeca 7" brake plate for my Testi.

He had two of these conquistadors, so he sold me the one he wasn't gonna restore. At a great price, too.

Fun part, was it was up on a ten foot high shelf in his warehouse, lined grip to grip with 10 other bikes, and it was a struggle to get it down.

Should be a pretty easy restoration/ customization. The black frame paint is in great shape, and the only colored parts are the fenders and tank, so a little bit if black touch up, some sandblasting and paint on the others, clean and rebuild an engine (which is a 90cc three speed, according to the specs, capable of 60mph stock) new spokes, maybe some new alloy rims, some wiring, seat upholstery (I'm looking at you, Dan Hetu...)

If I didn't have other bikes to do first, I'd have this done in a month or less.

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.


Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Ok so I lied. I said I wasn't gonna get started on this for a while.

Tank and fenders are getting sandblasted, motor is done, carb is soaking to get all the crust out, all the rusty parts are evaporusting, frame is washed, cleaned, and semi-waxed.

New rims and spokes are on the way, tank decals are coming, and I'll be ordering tires, shocks, fork booties, etc later tonight.

Once the carb is rebuilt and the exhaust is polished, I'm gonna see if it fires up. Probably tomorrow.

This will hopefully be "done" in a few weeks.

And I'm waiting on parts for my customer's Fiorelli, so I'm not gonna be behind on that.

I just couldn't help myself. This bike is rad.

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.



Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Looking good. I need to rehab a few wheels too. Is Treatland the best source for rims and spokes?

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

If you want stock steel rims, the radielli italecchi (or however it's spelled) rims are top quality.

I'm looking for some 19" alloys for this bike, and treats is sold out of the silver ones. I bought a set from eBay and they're for like 9g spokes with huge nips, so I can't use them.

The alloys treats sells need bigger spokes, too, like at least 11g, and they don't carry any, so keep that in mind if you're planning on getting those.

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Treats has several types that would work. The Radelli are a good choice, thanks. Still looking for alloy type like they use when lacing up E-bike wheels. Probably too pricy for the junk I'm working on.

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Reminds me of a Jawa Golden Sport

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

God the tank is ridiculous id put a different one in Lol this gets the trophy , fill up once a year

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

No way, the tank is the best part. It's only 3 gallons...

Getting closer. Waiting on some rims and tires, tank has $50 worth of evaporust in it.


Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

This is almost done. Rims and tires coming tomorrow, decals on the way from Italy, it'll be on the road next week.


Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Damn, tank came out beautifully. Well done, quick work!

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Sweet! That front drum is huge!!

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Looks great! Did you do the paint yourself?

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Yup. Painted the tank and fenders semi gloss black and silver, clear coated it, then used a 3M pad to knock down the shine so it matches the older parts.

some of the smaller parts I stripped and did semi black. Left the frame and fork alone, just cleaned it.

Also did the seat. Used a harbor freight kneeling pad for the foam, shaped it, and then used this stretchy, stick on vinyl I bought off eBay.

The seat had that VW door trim plastic coated metal stuff from the factory, so I didn't have to sew anything.

Didn't think it would work, but it came out better than my expectations. It's got a few lumps where I didn't smooth the foam out enough, but I'm ok with that.

Almost forgot... I cut and sewed a 2" leather guitar strap for the tank strap. (edited)


Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

> Chris Straub Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Sweet! That front drum is huge!!

It's from a suzuki, I forget which model.

It's a 2 leading shoe, 10" drum that I modified to make it look old timey race style. I've got some screens I'm gonna put in the big holes after I polish it.


Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Looks like a gt550 drum

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Looks very good and helluva quick turn around.

Looking forward to seeing the finished product

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

I love this bike. Good work man!

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Got rims and tires today. Polished the hubs, modified the front suzuki hub to fit in the forks, almost ready to go. Probably lace 'em up tonight.

Going racing tomorrow, so won't get back to it till Sunday or Monday. But it'll definitely be done by next weekend.

The vintage bike oc show is next Sunday, so I have to go win that...

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Pretty much done. Just needs lights and switch hooked up. And decals whenever they get here.

Won't start. No spark. I'll figure it out in the morning.


Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Looking good. Post a video when running, please.

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

You are the best. Simply the best.

Re: 1969 Italjet Conquistador.

Runs and rides. Has that stupid brake light cut out like V1'S. With a real plunger style brake switch on the foot pedal. Gonna ground that and wire everything to power.

Had all the lights (even hi beam) and horn working, then the brake light blew and now nothing works. Everything is gonna get hardwired, with a cable inline brake switch.

Smokes like hell. Burning out the pipe crust (and running my 16:1 klotz from my race bike probably doesn't help.) Might need new rings.

Gas caps leak and already messed up the paint. Oh well. Now it looks like a rider.

Just took it around the block a few times, only hit 40mph, but it's got more.

Here's the start up video:

And pics.


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