Helmets: what's Cheap and Good?

Jay McCool /

I'm about to inherit my uncles ped, he's been driving it around with a 30-year old football helmet. I have a little more respect for my noggin and therefore am in the market for a helmet. I do, however work very hard for my money so I need a helmet that is both cheap but certified buy the powers that be down at the DMV. any tips on brand names or styles would be helpful. thanks. J

Re: Helmets: what's Cheap and Good?

pending on how much your looking at, you can go out and buy a snowmobile helmet (a little warm) or a dirt bike helmer from anywhere from 50 to 500 dollars, just make sure it is DOT aproved, i use an HJC dirtbike helmet, nice, light, breezy haha

Re: Helmets: what's Cheap and Good?

InfectedBootSector /

Check Ebay...

If ya want new and cheap, check out Raider Helmets...they are DOT approved, but have polycarbonate shells, which don't stand up to the elements as good as fiberglass.... You can get a full face for 49.00 or a shortine or open face for 29.99

Not bad. I bought a full face, and am happy with it overall.

Re: Street Hockey helmet

Not DOT approved, but I got a street hockey helmet. It fits great, is a comfortable fit and was like 40$ It looks cool too... came with a bunch of cool stickers....

Our state doesn't require helmets.... so no DOT rules to worry about.

This is only my opinion, but I think a cop might let you slide.... if you were wearing a reasonable helmet, on a moped, I don't know if you'd get written up for not meeting DOT standards.... Maybe.. depends on the situation.

Unless you've got a souped up moped that does 40+ I think a skating or bicycle helmet is fine. Remember... a lot of bicycles can get going faster than a moped... that's why I think biking helmets are OK. (once, I was passed on my honda express by an older dude.... 55 or 60 years old, at least... and he was riding his bicycle like a man possessed. Left me in the dust.

I've been riding my moped with no inspection for several years. I never even knew I needed inspection!! Anyway, several times pulled over, and the inspection was never mentioned.

My guess is the hemlet/DOT would slip into the same scenario. Remember... the officer WILL have to get up before a judge, and say

"I'm wasting the courts time to press charges on a kid who didn't have a DOT helmet... on a moped.... yes... he had a helmet.... and was riding safe... but it wasn't DOT approved..."

Only rookies or seriously bad attitudes would go that path. Around here... the rookies come out at 10pm or so... easy to dodge them.

2 cents.


Re: Street Hockey helmet

It all comes down to what you think your head is worth. If you have a $20.00 head, get a $20.00 helmet. I myself have a $21.00 head, but I wouldn't recommend that everyone else should feel the same...Ken D

Re: Street Hockey helmet

There some cool looking helmits on ebay that even come with riding goggles.. they are sorta German army helmit shapped and made out of lightweight materials.. they look prety neat and have leather zip in neck and ear warmers...

I think like 20 bucks for them....

that what I plan to get. No they aren't dot approved though.. they look like they probly owuld be but maybe haivng it apporved costs extra money to the company or something anyways I agree with wayne... a cops probly not gonna have a dot list to check to se if you make and model helmit is listed on there persons if they ever pull you over.. and I doubt would waste his time checking unless you had done something pretty serious in the first place. I would prefer not to wear a big bulky ass helmit... but in georgia you do have to wear a helmit.. the code is funny though it doesn't even specify it having to be dot approved.. (go figure)

some of the harly guys wear do rags and get away with it becuase it says proper headgear must be worn while operating blah blah blha.. but it never exlpains what proper head gear is.

anyways.. enough rambling...

Re: Street Hockey helmet

This might be a little pricey, but at www.lazerhelmets.com you can look at some helmets from $30.00 - $200.00. There are some AGV helmets that cost about $50.00. I haven't figured out the shipping price yet, but a helmet for $50.00 is good to me.


Re: Helmets: what's Cheap and Good?

I bought an open face helmet at Scootertherapy.com for a decent price. They have a good selection too.

Re: Helmets: what's Cheap and Good?

I uses a cirus helmet that is both DOT and Snell approved. We're talking about your head here, don't skimp.


dont skimp

chuck russo va /

a freind of our family was in a motor cycle accident in colorado, they have no helmet laws there. a truck ran a red lgiht and hit him. he flew 20 feet and smacked his head on the pavement. he was in a coma for like a month and died 3 times.

only thing injured in the accedent was his head, he didnt break any bones or anything just got some scraped and brusis

so dont buy a el cheapo 50 dollar helmet get a quality one cuz it is your head

i suggest bell full face helmets dot and snell 2000 approved

Re: dont skimp

Chris MWH /

Somewhere I have a picture (it is quite gruesome) I will try to find it and post it. It is of 2 people, a husband and wife that were riding on the same motorcycle when it was t boned by a large truck. The man had only his hair for head protection the woman had a Shoie vt1 full face Helmet (older model)her helmet was pretty much destroyed in the accident but she walked away from it. The picture shows close up view of the mans head which looks as though it was run through a meat grinder. Obviously he did not survive. Shoie was going to use this for a helmet endorsement but decided against it.

It is worth think about however.

Chris MWH

Re: dont skimp

Shop around at your local motorcycle places.

I'd always make sure it snell and DOT approved.

My half shell was around $40 and it's approved. The brand is cyber.

Advice from an old Harley Rider

Jay McCool /

My unkle (who's been riding a Harley for 25 years and has fallen off more than once) came into town and advised me on what kind of helmet I should get.

Not only should it be DOT aproved (obviosly) but the material is important also. Plastic helmets, which is what most cheap helmets are, let your head bounce when it hits the asphault this results in brain trauma. Fiberglass helmets, generally more than a hundred bucks, crush when they hit the road at high speed and absorb the impact instead of transfering it back into your brain. After telling me all this we cruised down to the local Harley dealership and boght a nice HJC open face fiberglass helmet. It was a little more than I wanted to spend but I think my head is worth it. After all If something happened to me who would look after my Ped?

Re: dont skimp

i wear an HJC fg-23 with a polycarbonate sheild, i dont reccomend a face sheild like this, id imagine it could break in2 shards and take out an eye! im going to get a flip up full face helmet, my friend Ivan has a Shoei one & im gonna find out the model, because the thing is awesome.


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