Jawa 207

Alright so I got my Jawa 207 first gen together vape ignition dellorto clone 68 jet and I hit solid 25-30 sometimes what can I do to get more speed with what I have now. I’ve considered cutting my stock pipe and adding a bit turbo or cutting it just to make some more noise lol but what you guys got for me.

Re: Jawa 207

Pushrod Fifty /

Sounds bad all around.

Re: Jawa 207

go ask Vlado

he knows all Jawa

Re: Jawa 207

🦺πŸ₯‡b to the MOPO 🚨🚨🚨 eff /

Re: Jawa 207

if you can find one cheap enough, a jawa 210 cylinder will give you better performance.

ooother than that.

Re: Jawa 207


Jawa 207 is a definite 29mph bike.

keep it as a loaner bike for your neighbors that are interested in mopeds.

they can*t hurt the Jawa and the Jawa won*t hurt them.

Re: Jawa 207

Step 1: fat pipe

Step 2: faat intake

Step 3: port-er up.

Step 4: re-gear

Step 5: rev plate and cylinder decking (if needed)

You cant tune with you're wallet with these unlike a puch or a slowmos. (edited)

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