WIKI UPDATE: visual editor, new mobile layout, PDF improvements

It's been many months in the making, but I'm happy to announced that the update to Moped Wiki is now live! This is a major update, with numerous new features and many minor changes. The primary benefit of this update is the addition of a visual editor, which makes adding/editing wiki pages much simpler than before. Below are some highlights:

The visual editor provides a WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") interface that makes it easier to create and edit wiki articles. Behind the scenes, visual editor is simply writing "wikitext" for you, which means you can switch back and forth between "visual editing" and "source editing" depending on what you're looking to accomplish. NOTE: the editor will remember which mode you used last and present you with that mode the next time you edit an article.

If you're already familiar with wikitext you may find it faster/easier to make certain edits in "source editing" mode, which has also been improved. It now has colored syntax highlighting, which makes it easier to distinguish between wikitext and regular page content.

Adding and formatting images is easier. Uploading is more reliable, there's a visual interface to choose alignment options, you can drag and drop to start a new upload, drag to resize once it's been inserted, direct editing of captions, and a visual gallery creator. You can also insert YouTube videos.


PDFs are now fully supported on the wiki. There were PDFs before, but basically just files that you could download. PDFs are now converted to images, allowing you to browse, and link to individual pages. This means you can embed specific pages from a PDF into the forum or wiki page. With this update, Moped Wiki is a perfect home for moped manuals.

Search is improved, with better highlighting of search snippets in the results, searching across pages and files, and inclusion of an image thumbnail.

Because of the many new capabilities of the visual editor, the Moped Wiki experience is now a bit different between computers and mobile devices. If you're on mobile then you'll receive a simplified editing experience focused on making quick edits and corrections. The full range of visual insertion and uploading is only available on a larger screen device.

The mobile wiki is also optimized for small screens through collapsible sections. On long wiki articles the collapsed sections act as a table of contents, letting you quickly expand just the area you need. Each section has its own edit button, making it more manageable to edit parts of a long article on a mobile device. This brings Moped Wiki more in line with the default experience on Wikipedia.

There's a wiki-related change to profile pages as well. Your profile already provides links to your forum posts and your photos in the gallery. It now also include a link to your wiki edits.

Overall, this update modernizes Moped Wiki and makes it easier to contribute. My hope is that this leads to more people sharing their knowledge, either through small improvements to existing pages or creating whole new tutorials. You can always help by just cleanings pages up: adding to categories, cleaning up grammar, fixing dead links, etc.

This was a major update, and I've done my best to test the integration and fix bugs, but please let me know if you encounter any issues. Thanks to all the people who have contributed to the Moped Wiki over the last 15 years. It's already a fantastic resource, and I look forward to seeing how we can grow it together. (edited)

Re: WIKI UPDATE: visual editor, new mobile layout, PDF improvements

A huge THANK YOU Simon for all your efforts .

The wiki looks to be performing nicely . ;)

Re: WIKI UPDATE: visual editor, new mobile layout, PDF improvements

Man this is all huge! Thank you for all of your effort Mr. King.

Re: WIKI UPDATE: visual editor, new mobile layout, PDF improvements


Re: WIKI UPDATE: visual editor, new mobile layout, PDF improvements

🦺πŸ₯‡b to the MOPO 🚨🚨🚨 eff /

This is so awesome, thank you Simon!!!

Re: WIKI UPDATE: visual editor, new mobile layout, PDF improvements

Seriously awesome!

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