Another barn find...

Larry Picarello /

True barn find from upstate N.Y.

completely original

30+ years sitting

great spark & compression

original family

went right away for a father/son project, did not even make it to the buy/sell forum

have faith, they are still out there!

Re: Another barn find...

Larry Picarello /

30+ years of barn grime

Re: Another barn find...

Nice, I found that same one same condition in a garden shed 2 years ago, gave the guy 200$ just to be nice, it was a friend of mine.

All cleaned up and gone though, it was supposed to be a flip but I don't know if I'll be able to sell it now.


Re: Another barn find...

Love these bikes! Great find. There was a time that I ended up with 4 of these over a short period of time.

Re: Another barn find...


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