Hobbit seat cover


There are all sorts of Hobbit single seat covers on eBay does anyone have any direct experience with any of these as being super good.

Re: Hobbit seat cover

This isn't what you're asking about , but , maybe consider :

Dan Hetu . He seems to do very nice work .


Re: Hobbit seat cover

I ordered off of eBay the guy makes all kinds of seats and his pictures great. I'll post it when finished.

Re: Hobbit seat cover

Should have gone with Dan..he's a great guy

Re: Hobbit seat cover

Well if whatever I get looks terrible of course I'm going to send it to him or ortherwise.

Re: Hobbit seat cover

Wouldn't have to worry about the look with Dan...He does his best to make you happy

Re: Hobbit seat cover

brute squaaaaaddddd

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