Back to rippage!

So on my kitted 1991 Tomos A3 I discovered that one of the bolts had lossened on the reed block and was causing an air leak. Tightened all of 'em down in an "X" pattern and viola! Back to rippage. The 155 jet and needle clip on full rich (bottom notch) in my vm20 is where its happiest. Topping out at 45mph (10k rpm) and gets there quick. Going to put the red (stiffest) spring on 2nd gear clutch next week to make my shift point around 25mph. It was a great day to ride here in N Ohio. Temps were in the low 50s and sunny

Re: Back to rippage!

♣Slew Foot♣ /

For the first time. I was wrong about my TOMOS I thought it was a base gasket leak. Put it off till warm weather. Sob my ring gap was too small I thought they were pre gapped the piston shipped in the cyl with rings already installed after what 3 seasons I pull the top and the rings were welded to the locator pins...

Re: Back to rippage!

Totally normal JBOT /

I love getting back to rippage after a weird prob.

Had a pointy solder connection for the kill hitting the frame intermittently. Would just sputter and die sometimes. Felt like a fouled plug. Shook a bunch of wires and got it to die, so happy to get back to riding instead of pushing it up a hill

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