Peugeot restore

New member here as I am now the excited owner of a Peugeot BB 1965 model . I am just stripping down and getting to know the moped , will be wanting to know if and where spares are available . This moped has not been registered in UK so will need manufacture evidence of production year for this can mopedarmy supply this I have found a number on the engine and a name plate . I will post further on how the restore goes


Re: Peugeot restore

Hi Cliff, welcome aboard. There used to be a moped club in the UK that could do paperwork for applications. I think it was called the National Moped Riders Association, or something like that. If not, you might have to go through Peugeot in France.

Re: Peugeot restore

Gorgeous bike. Would you still require that paperwork to register it as, say, a classic or historic vehicle? Just trying to throw out ideas, please keep us updated on the process AND the bike!

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