Aftermarket handlebars

Chris Carleton /

Bought some flat tracker style on eBay for my Boxer and they apparently are larger diameter than 7/8". Controls don't fit on either side. Gonna get a flap wheel and do em up. Anyone experience this before?

Re: Aftermarket handlebars

EH 📣FCC of the QCB /

Are they one inch? That is the other typical option.

Re: Aftermarket handlebars

Can you send them back and get the right size? Trying to flapper wheel bars from 1" to 7/8 is gonna be a real pain, and your throttle will probably never fit right.

Re: Aftermarket handlebars

You can maybe buy 1” risers and bolt them to your fork and get throttle/leavers for 1” bars

Or return them and buy 7/8 bars

Re: Aftermarket handlebars

I’ve experienced this a few times.

US bars are 7/8”. The metric world is 22mm.

7/8” is just a little bigger than 22mm and sometimes the tolerance is sloppy and the stuff fits. Sometimes... no.

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