Project Judy The tomos Vespa mashup

Well this started as a quick and shitty photoshop job I did on my phone in August of last year


Then I slowly started gathering parts. I already had a a55 engine with a revival swing arm and rear wheel. I got a bravo frame then randomly found a bravo tank that I didn’t know I had in my stash of parts and got some laser cut engine mounts from Nate of Motomatic left overs from the old Sapporo bikes. Then I got it mocked up with these kx85 forks I had laying around


It was big and goofy I liked the way it looked but wasn’t sure if that was the direction I wanted to go with it. Thanks to my constant Facebook marketplace hunting I was able to snag a revival for $250 and that brings us up to speed


Something I’ve always wanted to do for my builds is make YouTube videos and I finally quit dragging my feet and did it so you should watch it

Re: Project Judy The tomos Vespa mashup

Totally normal JBOT /

Looks cool and weird.

The way mopeds should always be

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