Hi! I was wondering if you can change old engine parts with new ones. Specifically a 49cc pluviar engine. I am missing the posts on. The housing. And the carburetor.

Thanks so much.

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What language is this?

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The “posts on the housing” are most likely things which, in the industry, are commonly referred to as “studs.” You should be able to get new ones from a hardware store. Don’t need to be oem, just need to be the right thread. Heck, a bolt of the right thread will work. Never heard of a “Pluviar” engine before. Pics maybe? Of the engine.

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close spelling reveals "pluvier", an old school bolt on motor with friction drive roller kinda swings i guess like a garelli mosquito motor to actuate. idk, pictures help and you are in the right place, what do you have and what are you trying to make work.

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I just slapped a cheap centi clutch on a snoblower motor i snagged on trash day

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