1975 Gitane Confort

Hi guys, I'm new to Moped Army.

I'm an Englishman living in Brittany (Northern France) and I own a small hobby business called Rob's Renault Rehab renovating classic Renault cars and vans.

I've just bought a 1975 Gitane Confort moped that has only done 1315km (about 817 miles) since it was built 46 years ago.

I must admit that I have very little experience of 2 stroke motors so I'm looking for some advice please.

The motor (I believe) is a Motori Minarelli V1.

She will fire right up when I pedal her on the stand, and rev just fine, but after a minute or so of running has passed she just dies and will not restart.

As soon S the engine is cool again she will fire right up again, but she will just run for a minute or so and conk out again!

I've tried removing the carb and cleaning out the float chamber (because she hadn't been run for several years before I bought her).

The float chamber gasket is good.

I removed the jet in the centre of the float and blew it out with my airline.

The needle valve that the float operates looks good.

Finally, I've cleaned up the fuel tank and rinsed her out with fresh petrol and then filled here with fresh 2 stroke mix.

I'd be very grateful for any advice about what to do next ...


Re: 1975 Gitane Confort

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Condenser heats up and shorts out. Replace it. Simple fix. FYI look up the external condenser threads for upgrade

Re: 1975 Gitane Confort

Beach Club Nick /

95% chance of it just being the condenser. Here in the states we just go to the auto parts store and ask for a condenser for an old VW beetle or Chevy Nova or something and replace the moped one with that

Re: 1975 Gitane Confort

^ This. If you can rehab a Renault, this should be no problem! :) Best of luck with repairs, and beware, mopeds are addictive!

Re: 1975 Gitane Confort

๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ’ฆ Of the Loin /

Other possibility is the brake light bulb has a fragile wire (heats up, increases resistance, brake light circuit kills engine).

Either way a pretty straightforward diagnosis and replacement

Re: 1975 Gitane Confort

The petcock could have weak flow or maybe the gas cap isnโ€™t venting? Condensor is a good guess too, but usually electrical problems will show up with some stutters or backfires before they fail.

Re: 1975 Gitane Confort


Hi Robert, don't have any advice on your gitane but I love old Renaults.

I own the blue thing below. Always interesting travels with this thing. Usually ends with wrenching...

Re: 1975 Gitane Confort

I agree with the condenser. You probably have one laying around in your shop.

It's located behind the magneto when you pull the fan cover and fan off. Mag needs a puller to remove.

Points are hiding in there, too. Clean and check the gap.

You can hook up an external condenser and leave the old one in place. Hook up the condenser wire to the red wire (+) on the coil, and ground the body of it to the frame.

V1's have a brake light cut-out as a "safety" feature, where if the bulb blows out, the bike won't run, that's why it was mentioned in an earlier post.

It's the blue wire coming from the engine. You can unhook it from the terminal block and ground it to the frame to bypass it if to see if it's a wiring problem.

V1's are one of the simplest and most reliable engines, with tons of stock and performance parts available...

Re: 1975 Gitane Confort

I would love to have a Renault 5. Sucks they are not here in the states

Re: 1975 Gitane Confort

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

> Satan 666 Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I would love to have a Renault 5. Sucks they are not here in the states

They were called Le Car in the states.

Re: 1975 Gitane Confort

Robert Hill /

That's a lovely Estafette.

I currently have 7 old Renaults, 2 renovated and 5 still to work on!

Thanks for your advice, I might try tahing a condenser off on of my old Renaults, see if it works ๐Ÿ˜โค๐Ÿš—๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ต


Re: 1975 Gitane Confort

In 2009 two years after hs I had the chance to buy a dinalpine a110 for $2000 us. Sat in a shed for decades, interior looked great but the exterior was dented up and it had had a fire in the engine bay so I decided not to pursue it. In my mind it was "why would I spend thousands to fix up this thing? It's just an old car!" Ohh how wrong I was. I diddnt even recognise how beautiful it was, it was a tiny old car covered in dirt hay and old carpets....

It's now in my top 5 dream cars.

Re: 1975 Gitane Confort

Hi Robert, another expat here. I have no expert solution on your problem, other than what others have said. On a side note, go down the tabac and get Mob&Co and 50 Power magazines, they're great reads. There is a moped show scheduled in Lyon in late April, fingers crossed it goes ahead.

Re: 1975 Gitane Confort


I have an F3N engine.

was rebuilt for auto crossing in 1988.

never run.

has the Weber carb, headers.

come get it.

Re: 1975 Gitane Confort

A little maintenance goes a long way although you may have larger issues. Get new spark plugs even though theres only one(note condition of old). Clean n adjust points, oil felt pad, Common mistake on sha carbs is running the throttle cable thru spring(it does not) and clean idle hole under slide. Ensure choke releases upon wot. Ensure the metal filters are there.

There appears to be lotsa fuel leaking down and out your exhaust, also appears to be lotsa buildup on the bottom of your cylinder. Could be a handful of items, float needle damaged not sealing, dirt grime, add inline fuel filter, loose head bolts, leaky crak seal, etc.

To zone in on fuel or electrical problem,test for spark when it dies. If plug wet then, No spark with fouled plug then try a new one, plenty of spark with new plug means fuel issue. If new plug, moped starts right up then its an over rich condition.

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