Another Moped on the Road!

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I found the moped in the for sale forum, bought it, and after making some repairs, replacing some parts, and putting on new tires, I got it running. Took my first ride on it today, it was a blast. This is only the second motorized bike that I have had since I wrecked a Honda Passport (70cc four stroke) about 20 years ago. The other bike was a kit bike, one of the ones that you bolt an engine onto a bicycle. That bike was scarry, no suspension, just the rear coster brake, and the balance was somehow off. I really prefer riding a moped.

The moped is a 91 Tomos TT with the A5 engine with the two spee automatic and it will do about 27 to 30mph without any modifications. That is not too bad for a rider who tips the scales closer to 200lbs than he would like to admit.

I would not have been able to get this bike running without the helpful tips in this forum. Thanks Fred, I read your guide. I also thank those of you out there that have asked the most simple, basic, obvious questions, you saved me the trouble of asking them.

There are only two problems with the bike now, the transmission and the seat. The transmission does not want to shift, but, it got better as I rode. All it probably needs is a bit of riding to get used to working again. Changing the transmission fluid again after a short while would probably be a good idea too. The seat, it is not that comfortable after about half an hour of riding. Any suggestions out there?

While riding I ran across several other moped riders, high-school aged kids. Stopped and talked shop for a bit. These riders were probably out there all the time, but I did not notice them while riding around in my cage, or on my bicycle.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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