1977 Columbia Commuter


I was just give a 1977 Columbia Commuter moped. I got it running, but the speed is only about 18 mph. On the engine it says 40 kph, so I assume I should be going a bit faster. I cleaned the carb, changed the spark plug and cap, changed the gas, but what more can I do? What is the proper plug and gap? Thanks!


Re: 1977 Columbia Commuter

chuck russo va /

clean the exhuast and decarbonize the head and exhaust port

Re: 1977 Columbia Commuter

Chris MWH /

Do you have the sachs engine or the solo engine?

Chris MWH

Re: 1977 Columbia Commuter

Thanks for the answers. I have the sachs engine. I am quite new to moped or any motor vechicle repairs, so how do I clean the exhuast and decarbonize the head and exhaust port? Thanks!


Re: 1977 Columbia Commuter

minutemade /

ok go to the top of this page to resources then articles and then to freds guide it'll show you how.

Re: 1977 Columbia Commuter


I removed my muffler to see how fast it would go, but it went the same. I noticed something else that I think may indicate something, but I do not know what. As I would run the engine, I would hear pops at a regular interval, I know this is normal, I think it is it firing. Then as I accelerated the interval would decrease, the finally, when reach the top speed the poping would suddenly double in speed. Does this indicate anything? Thanks!

Re: 1977 Columbia Commuter

Ron Brown /


Was your performance changing as this happened?


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