“Square” Bing Jet Question (Manet Korado, Puch e50)

Soo I’ve bought a 96’ Manet Korado with the Puch Super Maxi engine and setup.

Stock it comes with a 14mm Puch round intake, 18mm Square Bing, and the super Maxi Exhaust.

I plan on eliminating the airbox in favor of a velocity stack w/ filter and buying this circuit pipe (https://www.treatland.tv/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MLM%2Dpipe%2Dmagnum%2D401292&CartID=3)

The stock Square Bing carburetor came with a 60 main jet. It uses the different jets than the regular Bing carburetors (Sachs jets or something) and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these specific ‘square’ Bing carbs. With the pipe above I am currently thinking of buying a 62, 64, and 66 to tune with.

I have tuned an SHA, PHGB and a VM19 before, but I’m completely new to the Bing setup. I am also having a hard time finding information on the ‘square’ type jets, and an even harder time finding them affordable anywhere (treats has them for 6.99 a piece).

My Questions:

Do these jets scale up similarly to Delorto jets?

Has anyone upgraded the pipe on a Korado or similar e50 setup with this Square 18mm Bing carb? What did you do end up with for your jet?

Normally I just buy a huge range of whatever carb I’m working on, but this seems insanely expensive in this case.


Re: “Square” Bing Jet Question (Manet Korado, Puch e50)

Nice bike. Those bars are so tall! Always love the wheels.

That bing is going to be more like your phbg for tuning. I am not familiar with the jet ranges on that carb tho. Maybe get the range you mentioned plus something larger like a 72, or 75 range just to see of that works if your smaller ones do not. But with such mild upgrades you will probably nail it with the 66.

You could always just do a 66, 68, 70 range.

Re: “Square” Bing Jet Question (Manet Korado, Puch e50)

I think it's actually a 14mm "type 18" Bing. More info: https://myronsmopeds.com/2020/12/bing-15-17-and-18/

Biggest benefit is the extra idle circuit/jet. Looks like those can be found here if you need a different size (might need one higher than stock, or maybe you can adjust the fuel mixture screw enough) http://bingcarburetor.com/store/p117/Idle_Jet.html (edited)

Re: “Square” Bing Jet Question (Manet Korado, Puch e50)

Re: “Square” Bing Jet Question (Manet Korado, Puch e50)


Thank you, and that’s a good idea


Totally think you’re right on the “type 18”

Would you think I’d see better improvement with this 15mm square Bing carb, or does the type 18 benefit more because of that idle jet?


Re: “Square” Bing Jet Question (Manet Korado, Puch e50)

I think that is the same carb you have, only 15mm rather that 12mm or 14mm like yours. So improvement will be minimal for the price if yours is already 14mm.

Re: “Square” Bing Jet Question (Manet Korado, Puch e50)

♣Slew Foot♣ /

I hear tell that if you drill and the tap a Sachs jet you can use dellorto jets in it. If you already have a stack of em that's the way to go.

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