tomos flywheel noise

i am the guy who is new to buying my first moped and recently posted about a 4 stroke tomos. Thanks everyone for the advice about it not being true and it is probably a scam to get me to buy a cheap model.

The next one i am looking at is a tomos targa . spoke with the guy on the phone. sounds like he knows what he is talking about but what do i know. lol. Anyways he mentioned it ran great but had a flywheel noise which he said a lot of a55 engines do make. I did research but found nothing about that. Is this something real or another scam. i have not seen or heard the motor yet so cant describe the sound. i did see post on moped army about a whine under load and someone posted a video of this. if this is the sound should i be concerned about it? and if not is there another "flywheel" sound i should be concerned or not concerned about? I realize this is kind of vague but i am hoping to learn all i can before i go see this tomos. i am trying to be an informed consumer. i realize nothing is going to be perfect but i dont want to buy something that is going to be a headache .


Re: tomos flywheel noise

If the guy knows what he’s talking about, he should be able to fix it. I never trust what sellers tell me until I see and hear it for myself. If you don’t have experience diagnosing moped noises, I would bring someone with you who does or pass on the bike.

Re: tomos flywheel noise

Jason ,I have an old A3 bullet and I have no flywheel noise at all. But I do have a Grande that does. It is not a good thing. Could be a few issues. Take Lars advise, he knows his way around mopeds.

Re: tomos flywheel noise

I would definitely go take a look at the bike. If the flywheel noise isnt something that sounds very obviously wrong then pass on it.

The sound could be the oil pump which it most likely has. Those things can go bad and it might be on it's way out. It is usually a good idea to delete those anyway and just run premix in your tank rather than let the pump do the mixing. The pumps are powered by the spinning of the flywheel, which is why I mention it.

If it seems to be running besides that noise and everything looks to be complete on it too then scoop it up. We can help you repair any issues. Just go with your gut and dont be afraid to walk away. If it is anywhere around $500 or less it is probably a pretty good deal.

Re: tomos flywheel noise

My vote is oil injection

Tbh, I went from zero Tomos knowledge to rebuilding an engine from bottom to top in about a month with the help of people here and some parts (and advice) from treats (treat if you haven’t been there yet). If you don’t have a decent tool kit, factor in $200 or so just to be safe. I wouldn’t worry about whether you CAN fix the issue, but more of DO YOU WANT TO.

My biggest advice is that if you want something you don’t have to work on, get a scooter (Honda IMO). If you want something you can do maintenance on and learn with (possibly upgrade) go with a moped (Tomos IMO)

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