Tomos Targa refresh.

Hey folks. Just me dorkin around in the ol Ped Pad.


I recently acquired this tomos as I have been wanting to play around with one again. And I wanted a good 2 speed bike for my lady. The bike has all the plastics which is pretty cool but after some replacement parts I might not be able to keep all of them on or I will at least need to modify them slightly.

The previous owner had replaced a few things already so It has a 15sha and new estoril with the adjustment screw. Bonus!

I grabbed a crank pipes intake to replace that stock "Z" intake which had the oil injection inlet on it. I also got a throttle assembly with the switches from Terry Gerker, thanks again man! The bike has some thumb throttle like for a quad so I wanted to replace that. Silly me forgot to order a new throttle cable. So I at least added the new perch and brake lever so I had the controls and repositioned the thumb throttle to work better with the setup.


The intake needed a new intake which I also didnt order so I made one out of some thick gasket paper. Sealed things up nicely. Before that i took the reeds apart and inspected that everything looked ok, flipped them anyway just to make sure it sealed if there was any slight warping. Got it all buttoned back up. The carb had that 58 jet in it. Which made the bike run, and was not lean, but i put in a 63, and put in a different screen to allow more airflow. I havent done any plug chops yet but I dont think I'm running lean.

I did try out that 3d printed sha slide in this bike but like many other reed setups it had a runaway bike affect that could not be stopped without killing the ignition. So I put the stock slide back in for now. I have some slides to play with some profiles but right now I'm happy with how it feels. I was running out of daylight and gas today so tomorrow I'll do some GPS'd runs, but according to the stock speedo I was hitting 40, and getting there pretty darn quick with my 225lb butt on it.

Re: Tomos Targa refresh.

Jay Rivett /

Before I did any real riding I also needed to address a sticky front brake. The arm was not actuating as smoothly as it should had been. I removed the brake hub and saw that the pads were glazed a bit so I took some sandpaper to them and the wheel hub. Cleaned them up real nice with some brake cleaner, no more glaze.


The lever was just gunked up and just needed some penetrating oil to get it moving nice enough to return the brake after stopping.

Pic of the crank pipes intake installed.


Few more things I plan to do...

Re-gear a little taller to keep some speed but lower the RPMs I'm thinking 25 or 26:22

Get the throttle cable to get rid of the thumb throttle. But get a cable choke carb to use the thumb throttle for, cuz that would be dope.

Port the stock cyl by widening the exhaust and re-shaping it for a better sonic return. Widening the intake area and probably deleting the bridge entirely also open up the piston window.

I need to keep the bike mild overall for my wife to feel comfortable riding but I still want to have fun with it since that is why I got the bike.

I also want it to be the most road legal and mostly stock bike so I can take my MC license test on it.

Re: Tomos Targa refresh.

Johnny Braaapp /

I took my mc test on a knuckle. (edited)

Re: Tomos Targa refresh.

Jay Rivett /

GPS'd at 40mph. Not bad with just the carb and pipe upgrades. It might have a little more in it but I ran out of road. I'm satisfied with what it is for sure. Next a new sprocket.


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