Tomos A52/a35 crankcase

I read something on here that the a52 was a crankcase that tomos went to for both a35s and a55s. Is that correct and does anyone know when that happened?

Re: Tomos A52/a35 crankcase

myrons tomos page, read away.

i think the cases are pretty much the same except for later a55 cases have a little more meat around the transfers and had a longer pedal shaft to accomodate pipes.

Re: Tomos A52/a35 crankcase

2003-2006 A35 cases are basically a55 cases with small transfers. (edited)

Re: Tomos A52/a35 crankcase

♣Slew Foot♣ /

The a55s have the little hump for the starter and the external cdi trigger...

Re: Tomos A52/a35 crankcase

Preston Leigh /

Thanks a lot!!!!! That link just helped me out a great deal. I’m a lot less confused I now have a better idea of when my lx was made

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