Schwinn Newport 50cc

hi everyone on this forum i need help my moped has some cosmetic damage and i need to fix it for my senior project if anyone has parts that they can donate that would be awesome i just cant afford to buy more parts the part i need the most is the leg shield if you can help that would be amazing.

Re: Schwinn Newport 50cc

Do you have a pic of what you have?

Re: Schwinn Newport 50cc

Dirty30 Dillon /

You've got a limited run, rebranded scooter, the chances of finding anyone here who has spares is going to be slim. Especially considering that you're looking for donations.

Re: Schwinn Newport 50cc

You know what school teachers love? Capitalization, punctuation, and sentences.

Still, I have to know, what kind of senior project involves a scooter?

Is it converted to electric and running on lemons?

You have to sell it better if you want people to get excited and donate parts to the cause.

Re: Schwinn Newport 50cc


Is it this thing? I was hoping it was a real moped with some rando badging that some times happened.

These things suck. I had a fried that worked at a motorcycle shop that sold these things. It was funny as hell seeing a 350lb dude maxing the shocks out on one of these 🤣

Maybe try a scooter forum or face space. I doubt anyone here would have something but you never know.

Re: Schwinn Newport 50cc

is this a trade school? Shop class? Didnt know repairing a scooter counted as education.

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