Rock hard rubber? AT-205

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I first heard of this stuff on a YouTube car channel awhile back, and i bought a bottle. This stuff is amazing! Like, too cool to be true. It helps soften and preserve rubber bits. It's marketed as a "stop leak" type thing, it's supposed to soften hardened old oil seals and gaskets slightly so they seal again. Some have had bad luck saying that it softened the main seals so much that they popped out and they lost all their oil/transmission fluid, so put it in your car at your own risk...but I use it for all the little rubber bits you find on mopeds that have hardened with age.


I've used it to restore the little rubber discs with holes in them inside petcocks, I saved the petcocks on both my Laguna and Rd-50 this way. They leaked from the body, but after an overnight soak in at205, they were soft again and sealed great!

I've also saved gas tank mounting bushings, cable/electrical boots, and quite a few other things, its super handy to have.

I made a little video showing it's effectiveness. I had 4 of these brake plate plugs that were rock hard, like if you squeezed them with pliers they'd crack...left them in at205 overnight, and they were soft as brand new ones. This might work well too for intake/airbox boots on old motos, those are notorious for getting rigger mortis..


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Intake boots would be a game changer.

It's probably a solvent plasticizer, like what's in armorall, or the way ethanol turns fuel lines to mush.... When the solvent evaporates it goes back to being hard again and usually worse, but depending on the application that might be years.

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I wonder what it would do to a tire?

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Wow that’s awesome! Reminds me of when I read something by Rebel Moby (I think?) talking about brake fluid and showed how a stiffened air box boot came right back to life after a long soak.

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Wintergreen oil and acetone work great. I have used that to make engine bay trim seals that were rock hard soft again on 70s toyota stuff.

Plus side is everything smells like minty gum for a while. Or a downside.

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Pushrod Fifty /

Would make a good antidote for Viagra for a stood-up date.

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> Pushrod Fifty Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Would make a good antidote for Viagra for a stood-up date.

Umm , I think you spelled dick wrong . ;)

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Thanks, Brandon. Guess what I just bought on Amazon.....swing by one day and we'll find things to soak in it. (edited)

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Honda sells something exactly like this at their dealers, it's called Shin-Etsu grease. I have a tube for reconditioning all things rubber on my cars/bikes.

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The condom in your wallet is begging for this

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