Garelli NOI Clutch oil

Joshua Carpenter /

Hi, i have a quick question. i read the forums about the NOI clutch oil and i ordered Wolfs 30 sae from treatland...but my package may have been lost in the mail... i just want to know after looking at some stuff, if this was a good replacement since its easily obtained, only thing i'm hesitant about is the fact it says truck for vehicle type.


Re: Garelli NOI Clutch oil

That should be fine

Re: Garelli NOI Clutch oil

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

Yep, that'll work. The most important part is that it's "non detergent".

Re: Garelli NOI Clutch oil

I use that in my Garelli Monza and Morini M1 motor. Works great.

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