Minarelli V1KS Stator 13373 question

I just bought a V1KS and the stator is a 13373 but it has one coil on it that is a spark plug wire. I haven’t seen that before and wondered if anyone else has? I am thinking of changing it out and also adding a coil for lights. Also, the magneto is a 6928 or 8?928 not sure I think it’s a 6 not 8. From what I’ve read it should be 6940 so that’s throwing me off.

I haven’t hooked the engine up yet but figured I’d try it as is before switching out the coils. (edited)


Re: Minarelli V1KS Stator 13373 question

Beach Club Nick /

Yeah it's just an internal coil stator, get a lighting coil and you're good to go

Re: Minarelli V1KS Stator 13373 question

Thanks Nick, I was wondering if I could do that. I have a few lighting coils I can put on there.

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