Monday motorbikes electric moped on press your luck

So the classic game show Press Your Luck is out again with new host Elizabeth Banks. So I'm watching and on the big board of money and prizes I see "electric motorbike" popping up with the very distinct shape and design of the Monday motorbike.

Makes me wonder if they used to give out mopeds back in the 80's when the show was first out. I remember them being available on Wheel of Fortune when they were spending their prize money at the end.

Re: Monday motorbikes electric moped on press your luck

They also give out Monday motorbikes on the current Lets Make a Deal and Price is Right. Wife and I were watching the vintage Price is Right with Pimpin' Bob Barker and on the old 70's episode they gave away 2 PUCH mopeds. One top tank and one down tank.

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