AMCA show and swap meet in Fredericksburg TX.

First a disclaimer, I am not a member of the Cherokee Chapter of the AMCA.

The Cherokee Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle club of America is having a show and swap meet April 9 & 10 at the fairgrounds.

Check it out at Texas Fandango. All sorts of stuff were at the last one in 2019, 2020 like so many other things was canceled. Please note these are antique motorcycle events but you never know what you might find.

If you live near Davenport Iowa the Chief Blackhawk swap meet is Labor day weekend. All sorts of stuff there. Picked up my 63 AV88 Moby there in Davenport.

Maybe I will be lucky enough to meet you there.

John in Texas (edited)

Re: AMCA show and swap meet in Fredericksburg TX.

John Ebert /

I just got an email from the Cherokee Chapter AMCA who are putting on the show. Almost all of their swap spots have been sold! Looks like it will be a good event.

Hope there will be a few mopeds there and parts, who knows. I'm taking my Moby so I can get around easily without having wo walk all over the place.

Also taking my 70 Norton Commando for the show.


John in Texas

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