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> Moped Arrrrrrmy Wrote:

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Great, another internet troll making life harder for all of us. I have removed posting privileges from this obvious troll account, created only to post this fake troll FB page. To be 100% clear, the link this person has posted has no affiliation with Moped Army.

I assume this annoying post in response to the fact that we have actually launched an official FB group, which was done in reaction to the numerous fake groups. The point is not to replace this website in any way, but an acknowledgment that there were fake groups using our name on FB so it would be better to have an official presence. Hopefully more people who primarily use FB could discover this website and community through this group.

Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of control over fake groups and accounts using the Moped Army name. I contacted the admins for the FB group named “MOPED ARMY” with 4K members and they refused to discuss changing their name. They disingenuously claimed they had never heard of this website and that the identical name was a coincidence.

> Trent Anderson Wrote:

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> Yeah, there's 4 FB pages. Which is legit? How come 1 has over 4000

> members and this website has less than 600?

When you say “this website has less than 600 members” you’re confusing two numbers that mean very different things. The member count refers to active members of official Moped Army branches, real world clubs throughout the country that are organized, host rallies, and are active in their local scenes. When you see that a FB group has 4K members that’s just the count of people who happened to click “follow” at some point. (edited)

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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