Cateye 6 volt batteries

Mopeds for ever MFE /

Anybody knows where to purchase 6 volt batteries for BL-700 cateye signal light system set.


Re: Cateye 6 volt batteries

Batteries Plus will make you one but they use Sub C batteries soldered together. You can get them on EBay/Amazon or local hobby stores. (edited)

Re: Cateye 6 volt batteries

Anthony Walter /

I bought mine at Sunday morning motors, but they appear to be out of stock and I can't actually find them on the parts website where the cat eye aftermarket parts are located. I do have a direct link though. Emailing them may give you some info

I also took a picture of some numbers off of the side of one of the batteries if that helps (edited)


Re: Cateye 6 volt batteries

Re: Cateye 6 volt batteries

Cheap here.

Re: Cateye 6 volt batteries

Scottie Hartpence /

Hi Scottie here

go to a hobbie shop

buy a RC car/truck battery cut it apart and make it to fit your case

the rc battery setup is wrong physically but you can rearrange them to fit in the cateye case .buy a 6 volt one,or 7.2 and use one less battery. should cost less than $20

each on is 1.2 volts 1.2 times 5 =6 volts

the pictures are of a laptop battery taken apart to make a 7.2 volt running battery for my puch maxi lighting and replaced dc horn ,and taillight(brakes)

Scottie Out :)


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