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A while back I posted a question about a Puch exhaust on a Peugeot 103 SP variated. to much trouble. So I decided to stick with the stock exhaust for a while. But now I am genuinely done with it. The thing is, here in the Netherlands there is a restriction on mopeds and scooters. We cant have more than 49.9 CC and cant drive faster than 30 mph. so a Bidalot or Dopler Exhaust would be overkill. So now I'm guessing between these. Does any of you have a preference or some advise?



Many thanks and drive save

P.S. moped in the attachment


Re: Exhaust Peugeot 103 SP

Pump exhausts are cool and typically aren't very aggressive.

I'd give it a shot.

Cobra one is decent too but I'm not sure how much better it'll be over the stock one. The one I had kept breaking at the welds.

Re: Exhaust Peugeot 103 SP

I've owned both and I'd go with the Gencod/Kenji. It'd look pretty cool plus even if it doesn't matter it has decent performance with the stock cylinder. You'll have hours of fun just pumping it!

Re: Exhaust Peugeot 103 SP

An unrestricted stock exhaust can get you 32-35mph, also whats up with the gearing ratio?

Re: Exhaust Peugeot 103 SP

I have 11 teeth sprocket in the front and I thaught it was a 40 teeth at the back.

Re: Exhaust Peugeot 103 SP

> Bas Schotema Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I have 11 teeth sprocket in the front and I thaught it was a 40 teeth at

> the back.

I think stock is usually 52 teeth in back or maybe even 56. So ya, yer gearing is pretty tall. Maybe just swap that out with a 56t and see what it do??

Re: Exhaust Peugeot 103 SP

won't that decrease the topspeed? Also, I saw today that the belt is to short. It was the one that came with the moped when it was still unvariated. I bought a variated engine last spring. With the speed I'm going it does variate a little, but not by much. would a longer belt helpt with this?

Re: Exhaust Peugeot 103 SP

Top speed with a 52t or even 56t will be much higher than 30mph.

What I'm getting at is maybe you aren't making enough power to be able to use that gearing. By gearing down you may actually go faster. What is your top speed currently anyways?

Re: Exhaust Peugeot 103 SP

once you figure put the belt and the swing and gearing unrestrict your stock exhaust, should get u to 35.

Re: Exhaust Peugeot 103 SP

Around 30 mph. Depends on the wind

Re: Exhaust Peugeot 103 SP

Yeah you should be fully variated at top speed, you need to gear way down and get the right belt.

European market 103 are different from the ones we have in the u.s., yours should be 3 port and much better. If you have an Sha carb, non-restricted reeds and fix the gearing you should easily be going 35+ with good acceleration. Don't buy a pipe until you have all that sorted out.

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