Newbie Here.

Carlos Campi /

Happy new year. Newbie here from SoFlo so I wanted to introduce myself.

First off, thank you for all the information so far this forum is awesome. Indeed the best resource for mopeds.

Scored this 78 Pinto a few month ago. So I've been restoring / upgrading since then.

I'm attaching the pictures of how I received the Moped. But I expect to upload soon more to show the progress since I've done a few upgrades.

Looking forward to share some thoughts with you all.

All the best.


Re: Newbie Here.

Bronco seat?

Re: Newbie Here.

Carlos Campi /

It came with this Puch seat. Very comfortable though! But I had to do some custom Graffiti sharpie to make it more of my taste, I did not dig the white at all. (edited)


Re: Newbie Here.

Mike Paragone /

Welcome. I have the same bike. Color scheme and all!


Re: Newbie Here.

Carlos Campi /

Hi Mike, I Like the yellow springs. I'm looking for a cleaner look like that too, i'm getting close.

I can see the homoet but i'm wondering if your cylinder is still stock? What is you setup if I may ask?

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