Pussy Riot

Is there anybody in NOLO who would be willing to loan 2 bicycles to 2 Pussy Riot members visiting your fair city. They want them for tomorrow and Monday. I have contact info where you can speak with Nadya.

They're totally righteous human beings who would be very grateful.

Email me at: onepercenters@gmail.com


Peter Goudy


Re: Pussy Riot

Is this the real Pussy Riot members, the ones who were getting whipped with belts by the Russian Police?

Re: Pussy Riot

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Everything Peter does is real. For Real Real.

Re: Pussy Riot

Pete, didya move?

Re: Pussy Riot

punkrock randy /

That’s so fuckin cool!! Pussy riot kicks ass! Someone better help them out 👍🏼

Re: Pussy Riot


Re: Pussy Riot

Thank you all!

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