Puch 2 speed

whats the top speed of a 2hp, 2 speed puch? how does it accelerate compared to a 1,5hp 1 speed?

RE: Puch 2 speed

My engine has got 2hp and 2 gears and is capable of doing 37 mph at full throttle, althrough it's not a Puch. So, I guess yours will be somewhat close to that as well.

RE: Puch 2 speed

top speed is about 30 mph but with gearing can be 35 or so

the two speed tran will help with only the acceleration but not top speed the second gear is the same size on the two speed as the only gear in the one speed

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RE: Puch 2 speed

i own a 1979 maxi 2hp and it tops out at about 28mph (i live at 7,300ft above sea level and this probably affects the top speed). the guy who sold my this bike said there is a governor that lowers the top speed to keep it under 30mph so that the government is happy (it's times like these when i think of the virtues of anarchism). acceleration is good enough for me. at full throttle the second gear kicks in after about 30 ft. or so. i say the more power the better.


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