using gear oil in trannys

2 days ago i was in the local motorcycle shop getting 2 stroke oil, and i noticed in the same section that there was gear oil in 10w30 weight, so i bought some, since both my avanti and tomos use 10w30 in their transmissions. when i got home i warmed the tomos up, since id been riding the avanti i started draining the 10w30 motor oil i had in there out, and refilled it with the gear oil, did the same for the tomos, well, i got on the tomos first, started it up, QUIET, went down the street and up the hill god, it shifted to second while goin up it! the stuff is amazing, my avanti shifted better too and is a lot less clunky now. so if your 'ped calls for its trans fluid by an SAE weight, buy gear oil in that weight, makes a huge difference!


Re: using gear oil in trannys

by the way, they do have other weights besides 10w30, i saw 20 and 5w20 there as well.


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