i need an avanti exhaust gasket

i noticed the pipe on my avanti was leaking oily black crap 2day, so i pulled the headpipe off to check the gasket, and realized there ISNT one! ive never seen a 'ped exhaust without a gasket, so this must be a manufacturing flaw, a gasket for this would look like a round donut, because the muffler headpipe connects to the cylinder with one big knurled bolt, like motobecane exhausts do. anyone know where i can get one? or do they sell metal core gasket material in sheets?

it dosent really seem to be hurting anything, it just looks nasty, and im sure performance would be a bit better with a gasket because of the better seal.


Re: i need an avanti exhaust gasket

Matt Wilson /


That would be an easy gasket to make out of the paper gasket maker.

A better question is why is there black oily crap coming from your engine! Too rich, too much oil in mix?


Re: i need an avanti exhaust gasket

The metal gasket on the Avanti kind of pushes itself into that big round silver nut that screws onto the engine.. it just looks like a flat washer thing...it might be on yours, but just that it is pushed into the nut ? Even with my Avanti bike if I put my hand next to where the exhaust screws onto the engine I can feel a tiny exhaust leak... just seems to be the state of workmanship with these things.

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