Motobecane Electrical Question

Casey Jones /

Again thanks to Ron, Casey, and everyone that has helped me so far. This is a question im kinda puzzled about... im getting a weak spark from a new adjusted plug. When i petal, if i turn the light on it will get stronger with speed. This means my magnito and points would be working and near calibrated, right? I can not get no tail light responce, although the bulb is in good shape and the wires are also. How much could a spark plug wire account for my weak spark? i purchased a new one, with metal wire, not carbon. It feels a little duller, b/c i tried the spark on myself. Im still trying to get the magnito cover off, but having hard time. If i can get it to work, its just in a rare spurts. My fuel system is working correctly though, It is kinda late, and maybe im not thinking correctly. Does anyone else have any ideas?

Re: Motobecane Electrical Question

Ron Brown /


Too much rambling but I,ll try.

If your tail lamp is not wotking, find a vom and follow the voltage, it runs on the same power as the headlamp.

If the spark is weak, anything in the ignition circuit can cause it, including the plug wire.

Having a good headlamp does not guarantee that the magneto or the brake lamp/horn will work as they have separate coils.

If, by calibration you meen timing and points gap, no, you must measure those.


Re: Motobecane Electrical Question


sorry about the rambling, it was a product of frustration and tiredness. I feel that my bike has good compression, i havent tried the finger test to see if it will push it off, but i will tonight. When i take my plug out or decompress it, i cant tell a noticable difference... atleast not like my indian or other bikes. I figured that the belt system caused friction and the resistance i felt was this... should there be a big noticable pressure difference when i decompress?


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