PA50II Bogging down

I have done everything that I can figure out (new plug, clean points, burned out the muffler, clean carb) to my 78'Pa50II. It starts up and runs great until I get to about 16-17 mph and then it just tops out. It will be sounding fine and then when it starts topping out, it is making a different noise ( a really low bogging down noise) and sometimes it will speed up for a few seconds but then starts bogging down agian. I am at a loss for what to do and am gratefull for any help someone can give.

Re: PA50II Bogging down

what's the spark plug look like when it tops out?

Re: PA50II Bogging down

You are mixing oil with the gas right ?

Are you the one that couldn't find your air filter ?

Its behind the left side belt cover... Its a little black 'cartridge' held in by a little wire clip... flip the clip down and pull the cartridge out.

If you are trying to run with out it... it won't work... you have to have that air filter in to get it to run.

Besides that...

... is there any rust in your gas tank?

Then get a real good inline fuel filter and install it.

And guess what ?... its probably still crud in the carb.

PA carbs are real susceptible to small amounts of dirt.

Take it back apart and blow it out with compressed air and carb cleaner... also... you have to push the brass 'emulsion tube' out... and clean it too.. (do a search for that name).

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