Tomos A35 2 Speed Automatic

Hey everyone, happy Sunday and hope everyone is doing well! Quick question: Does anyone have a ballpark of how much a Tomos A35 2 Speed Automatic goes for? I found one and everything is there, just needs a carb clean so I am going to go look at it later today I think...any insight would be great! Thanks!

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Not enough information to give you a value. Depends on condition, condition and condition. Also which model it is would be helpful. Pic would be nice. (edited)

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Moped Power /

Sorry, here are pictures! I don’t have any knowledge of Tomos so I have no idea what model and stuff...I just know everyone says to find a Puch or Tomos.


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That’s an A3SP model, not an A35. It looks to be in decent shape except missing taillight lens (no biggie). Mileage is a little on the high side, which may need a top end refreshing (rings and possibly piston).

Does it have a Clear title? If MN requires one, that may be an issue.

In NJ, it’s a $300 - $400 bike, less if no title. (edited)

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Real clean a3 right there. Worth the $300 even non running. Tail light lense would be an easy fix.

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This time of year mopeds in our area are cheap. I think if it was on CL in Minneapolis for 200 (not a hour plus drive away) it would sell eventually but at 300 it would sit.

There is a super nice Sachs seville for 350 right now that runs and rides, if you're looking for a first bike that would be my choice.

The a3 aren't bad per se but they don't have the performance potential of the a35. Don't get me wrong, I like them but you gotta swap over to a SHA carb out of the gate and get rid of the encarwi.

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All of that is true about the a3. But could can swap a a35 onto it later on for the power upgrade

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

There are a3 kits.

The main gearset and clutch are 200+ rims 150.

Go for it.

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