runner bummer blitz...

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Ever have a ped that was a pos but it would refuse to die...

It like fell apart in such a way that it would rip..

Like an airleak and the jet falling out...

The clutch bearing seizing just right so it ripps.

I will wait for catastrophe before I do a rebuild. It's been 8 seasons on this just 4 clutch relines.

The reason for the thread. I noticed my bike was running so well I was like wow it really has balls today ripped down the road 45ish popped into the store then it was like not starting right. Looked into the carb setup and the slit behind the clamp was open the intake slid out a hair causing the airleak I am always overjetted a little but this time my jet vibrated out. Being a tad retarded helped no seize

The Tommi smile on me...

Re: runner bummer blitz...

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Also my motorcycle guy informed me most 2t will run awesome right before they die. Confirm or deny?

Re: runner bummer blitz...

Confirm. Every bike I've ever had dies soon after saying, "wow! My bike's running better than ever!"

And it's usually catastrophic engine failure.

Re: runner bummer blitz...

I started 6th on a grid of 11 2stroke 125/4stroke nsf250 and some ktm390/R3 on my 125

It had been a fantastic weekend for myself and the bike, near personal lap records every lap of practice for the weekend

Got a terrible start, dropped to 9th off the line, 6-lap race so any mistake is detrimental

In just 1.5 laps I was chasing down 4th place and could see 3rd place in my visor ripping through thunder valley - for the first time, I ran with AMA national champs and the podium was in sight- 5 long years of building breaking and building and breaking - and all I have to do is hold it wide open and hold on...

At this point the bike is sailing around every corner. If you’ve ever heard someone describe a ride as ‘this thing runs on rails’ that was the exact feeling it gave me - never have I ever felt this bike move in the way it was- impressing me with every throttle pull and every lean- tires hooking up, all the confidence to go faster.

And here it came. 4th place tail section coming closer into my visor, near run him over with the corner speed I’m carrying into the apex. Stuff your pit mate on the inside of the corner or let off and take him on the front straight?

I chose the safe route.

I can smell John’s fuel now. I know because he kept dragging around a can of MR12 in the pits. It smells like purgatory so I must be in the right place. I can see third. I CAN SEE THIRD!!

With no other choice than to go for it - I did.

Wide open through thunder valley - coming into the left trying to touch my shoulder on the 200 marker before throwing it in and taking a chance on the front straight for 4th position... SCREEEEEEECCCCCCHHHHHHHHHH

rear wheel locks, bike unsettles, grab the clutch and coast into a left with my knee down and no power - the strangest feeling - coasting for 1/4mi into the pits

Try to bump start the bike and take another stab at the weekend and it sounded like marbles in a jar

Get back into the pits and find obliterated piston in the exhaust, bent rod, trashed cylinder and head insert, hundreds of detonations on the det counter, the whole thing had to be rebuilt again

But it never ran like it did until it didn’t!

Such a fun weekend and although it turned out costing more than I planned it was worth the trouble making such memories

TLDR - they GO before they BLOW! ✊ (edited)

Re: runner bummer blitz...

> ♣Slew Foot♣ Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Also my motorcycle guy informed me most 2t will run awesome right before

> they die. Confirm or deny?

Confirm .

Happens , every time .

More than once , in my case .

When it's running too good , back off a bit or pay .

Re: runner bummer blitz... scooter has been giving me that vibe, thing just screams...."just right" waiting for it to grenade....that will be an ugly wreck, locked tiny tire, but it's in storage now, so it will have to wait until next season to murder me...

Re: runner bummer blitz...

Me too. My Carabela seems like it goes faster every day. Went from 38mph two months ago to 44 yesterday. I did bore the carb and tuned the pipe since then, but it's giving me that "good luck making it home today" feeling. Every time I get off it, I give it a little pat on the headlight and say "good job buddy..."

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