seattle motobecane help!

yo! i use to be on the forum years ago when i lived in kansas then i sold my peds and now im back in the game.,i just picked up a moby and it had spark and now well, it doesnt. anyone in the downtown area wremch on these turds? ive fucked with puch, sachs, minarelli and some noped shit but i dont know wtd im doing and i dont want to lose my shit in frenchy electrical. wouldnt have been my first choice as my reintroduction but 50 bux for these 2 turds was waaaaaay to good of a deal to pass up.


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Check out Rebel Moby’s posts and extensive stuff on the wiki. If you think the kill switch is okay, pretty much the same drill as other brands dealing with points and condenser, replacing high tension plug wire and cap on the end/plug. I hear that the engine not being well grounded to the frame can be a problem too. Get a replacement for the “Novi nut” so you can pull and replace the flywheel, move the condenser out from behind the stator plate too, while you’re at it. Try some Checking/replacing some of this stuff and let’s see what you find. I’m new to Mobys too, but they’re worth the effort, speaking as an E50 and V1 owner and fan.

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I would. If I diddnt work in healthcare during a

Check out the wiring diagrams in the wiki. You mainly need to look at the engine ground strap and the wire running out of the stator up to the Novi coil under the tank.

Do you have the stock gurtner carb? If so do your sanity a favor and pick up a dellorto 15:15 and shorty 15 intake from magic touch.

You could also just take it to magic touch, think they have a reasonable flat rate to fix loss of sparky.

Is that Honda turd seized?

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That Honda is not a turd....

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Yeah I know, there actually pretty sweet. But mine was a turd and I'm

Re: seattle motobecane help!

Biggest issue with Moby spark, is lack of a good ground connection from HT coil. Run a new ground strap from the coil to an intake stud.

Then just clean and adjust points & set timing per Rebel Moby YouTube video. Toss the stock Gurtner carb, while you’re at it, and replace it with a SHA15 & shorty intake. The rest is gravy.

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it came with a brand new sha on it thankfully. it had spark and i never got itnfired up before it lost spark. the pc50 isnt seized its at a buddies shop i drunkenly told him he could do whatever the fuck he wanted with it. 50 bux for the set and ibwas just after the moby and didnt wanna store 2 peds in my studio. as luck would have it im getting a qt50 for free so imma have 2 peds in here now anyways.

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i dont blame ya on the healthcare thing at this rate covid will be gone long before this thing runs hahaha.

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Don't say that dude, mobys are french. Which means alot of wierd shit and can be finicky. But the engines a dead fucking simple. Did the guy you buy it from ever have it going? Tune the carb? Also, the horn button is the kill switch. Any chance you turned it by accident? ;)

I live two minutes from the terminal in Bremerton. If shit calms down soon I'll be first in line to come help.

I want that honda. Where'd you find the bikes? Marketplace?

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My Moby sense is saying if you had a bright blue snappy spark before then it might be the master switch from hell messing up your day - disconnect the grey wire going unto the accessory harness from the one going from magneto to external coil.

Might be the stupid DOT compliance as well so try disconnecting the 6v wire fromt he back of the magneto and make a jumper wire to the engine.

Then check for spark again.

Could also be a shyte connection between that crappy red spark plug wire and the spark plug or the coil.


If the spark was yellowy and weak before then it is the condenser crapping out, which you should replace anyhow, or the bonding strap (that has already been mentioned).

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i pawned the honda off on a buddy cause ibdidnt wanna store it in my apartment haha. yeahbtheybwere on market place. i live well, 2 mins from rhe ferry termknal on this side of the water so i can always jump on the ferry and go to that side of the water if i can get it running it gives me a good excuse to cruise to the garage for some dank eats or hit ilahee for camping.

Re: seattle motobecane help!

Dirty30 Dillon /


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