Sac Town Land Squids... what's up!?

My wife and I are coming out to sacramento this weekend to look at some houses. We are open to any side of town.

What are your favorite moped friendly neighborhoods?

It all looks pretty rideable tho. We are super excited!

See you all soon.

Yes this is duplicated from off topic as I was unsure where to post originally since this is about houses and the city more than just mopeds in the city. Ha!

Re: Sac Town Land Squids... what's up!?

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Re: Sac Town Land Squids... what's up!?

Most meet ups are in midtown. It’s flat here, and pretty easy to get around on side streets. We got folks out in Roseville, up in natomas, down in Hood on the delta, out in Arden, Elk really depends on what you’re looking for and what your budget is.

Re: Sac Town Land Squids... what's up!?

No facebook. Whomp whomp🤷‍♂️

Re: Sac Town Land Squids... what's up!?

We are looking all over for the right deal. Good chance at one near natoma. Super excited!

Re: Sac Town Land Squids... what's up!?

House hunting here is really stupid right now (I've been looking for over a month) after I finally paid off my car and get a pre-approval letter to take this serious. I've made one offer which was outbid by $25k with 100% cash. People are ditching California and trying to get the most out of their homes or people are relocating from the overpriced Bay now making Sacramento overpriced. Desirable houses are selling in 1-2 days. Found a house I liked late Friday but couldn't look at it until Sunday...they already accepted an offer $35k over asking. So right now I'm just adding to my savings and hoping this is another bubble that's about to pop. That or my company makes a decision to allow us to join those people leaving CA. Our seasons are now Winter, Spring (lasts about 3 weeks), Summer, Hell, Hell & Smoke. Welcome to Sacramento!

BTW, I've lived in Natomas for the past 16 years and can't wait to leave it.

Re: Sac Town Land Squids... what's up!?

Oh... and you can get around on a moped fine though. Just make sure you're licensed (M1/M2) and have insurance. I've been stopped 4 times over the years. To get to downtown you have three choices... go through Discovery Park and play dodge the homeless encampments, jump onto a freeway (160) off of Northgate for about 1/4 mile (also homeless area), or ride around on regular streets which will add about 20 minutes to the commute. I used to jump 160 every morning and it's not too bad and to get to downtown I always went through Discovery Park. It's a bit sketch at night and make sure you stop at the stupid stop sign. I got ticketed $250 once by a Park Ranger. (edited)

Re: Sac Town Land Squids... what's up!?

Thanks for all the what not to do Ken.

Re: Sac Town Land Squids... what's up!?

Natomas sucks. I work out there. Convenient for jumping on the freeway and getting anywhere and close to the airport but that’s about it.

Unless you meant Lake Natoma which is like Folsom area, which also sucks and is far from everything.

I’d say West Sacramento is probably a good place to look right now. Ken is right, though, housing is crazy here.

Re: Sac Town Land Squids... what's up!?

We found a sweet spot in Natomas. And are snagging it off the market so it is a pretty sweet deal we got into. It looks like the more Hispanic side of Sacramento which is totally cool to me. Only a couple minutes ride to downtown too and some nice neighborhood riding too.

We will be out here by November and in our house not too long after that if everything goes as planned. Super excited. The moped riding looks like it would be sweet. Now I just gotta get my bikes plated, and aparently a motorcycle class license.

We are super excited to be coming out to Cali. I used to live near Tahoe back in the early 2000's and lived down in San Diego after that, so it is nice to be back to stay for a while again!

See you squids soon.

Re: Sac Town Land Squids... what's up!?

Sounds like you bought or are buying east of I-5 and South of I-80. That is South Natomas (aka Ghettomas). In the past few months during COVID the gang activity has been pretty heavy along Azevedo and Truxel with several shootouts. There's a reason this area is cheaper. The homeless (home challenged) live along the river banks of the American River and also now along San Juan road (although this one caught on fire a few days ago) and then lurk out into the neighborhoods during the early morning/day going through your trash for recyclables, stealing anything not bolted down, etc. Whatever you do keep your mopeds locked in a garage and lock your car doors. Don't leave anything in your car that you can see. About 6 months ago we had about three straight weeks of people breaking car windows. Lately it's been catalytic converters (mine was stolen about 12 years ago from my driveway). I loved the area when I first moved here because it was so central to everything I needed to be by (work) and easy to jump on the three main freeways (50, 80, 5). But the laws have change in CA and shit is getting bad. There is no deterrent to crime, nobody wants to deal with the mental health/drug abuse crisis, then add the housing and tax issues it's just a mess in my opinion.

Sorry to be a Debbie downer and hopefully you'll have good experience. On a positive note...the moped community here rocks and are very supportive and quite diverse. Although most don't hang out here and are on the facebooks/instagrams so you'll be missing out on ride updates and deals when we get back to being able to do social things. Landsquids are the MA official gang, then there's the Lost Boys who hold an annual rally in February, and we also have an all-girl group the Queens of Noise that throw rides for all occasionally. And there's a whole bunch of people that are not associated with any group that come out and ride with everybody. There's also a huge moped scene in the Bay that most of us are quite close with who come up to all the events and vice versa. You'll also be able to ride pretty much 365 days a year.

Re: Sac Town Land Squids... what's up!?

Thanks for all the info Ken. I have lived on many questionable sides of town before. We will be diligent on keeping things buttoned up for sure.

We are excited for the larger scene here as tucson had nothing for mopeds over the last few years. It's tough when you are the moped guru for your city.

Our soon to be new home is just off Northgate and Higgins. We like the neighborhood and feel like we got a good deal on our place. It does have a good 2 car garage which will be for moped shenanigans more than parking a car in. I am excited to get involved with the moped community as much as I can.

My wife does have facebook still so maybe I can make her point person for keeping up with the groups on there.

Super stoked even though we are on crunch time getting everything set to move here at the end of the month.

Re: Sac Town Land Squids... what's up!?

Northgate is a little wild but you’ll be fine. I have a few friends over there and a lot of friends who grew up right there. You’re close to the auto parts place and the good panaderias! Northgate will take you to the 160 into downtown, so super easy for you, but it often floods in the winter so you’d have to take the scenic route or throw the bike in a car and jump on the 5 to get downtown.

See ya soon

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