Scooter problems.


Hello I'm new to this forum but I was wondering if someone can help? K have av49cc taotao with a 52mm bore kit ive spent alot of money on. This scooter did this before the bore kit...anyways one day j rode my scooter in pouring down rain for about an hour..the next day it fired up ran for about an hour and died on me stranded ne about 2 miles from home...well I checked spark and fuel thought I fixed stuff it fired up rode it again for about an hour and died again...I cranked and cranjed I kicked and kicked would not start...sat for an hour started right up...smh...everything is new on my bike except the fuel pump/vacuum pump..its ran by the intake..... and the solenoid i haven't replaced or the stator. I put the bore kit on and new carb fired it up ran great once I tuned the carb ran for about an hour ..died wiuldnt start again for about an hour if I cranked and cranked the throttle I could get it to start and sputter but would die...let it sit starts right up now it has spark during the shutdown pulled plug put fingerling the hole no fuel while cranking it over im at a total loss its so f-ning frustrating!! Its a new gas cap too if I pull the line off the filter and run line straight from tank into carb it runs for a min then dies tried by passing fuel pump its like a vacuum controlled pump like i said its like its vapor locking somehow i just can't figure this out please if anyone can try to help me fix this darn thing itd my only transportation right now I'm so frustrated. That is a pic of my fuel pump. Just wanted to show everyone what I was talking about...Thank you.

Re: Scooter problems.

Take it to off topic forum.

Re: Scooter problems.

Donald Lael /

Did that thank you.

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