Who's got bikes that look like a slow piece of crap, but actually rip?

I'm not talking about your giant carbed and obnoxious piped, stripped down racer, I'm talking about a piece of shit looking bike like my Carabela:


Took it to the donut derelict car show yesterday, and it's 9 miles each way of mostly flat, smooth blacktop, and I hit 43mph.

Modded SHA:


Mild pipe with all the wrong dimensions:


No porting, 49cc, 16" wheels, heavy ass bike, almost 10mph gain over stock specs.

What you got?

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Pushrod Fifty /

Freshly cleaned and repacked wheel bearings can slow you down 10mph vs. dry loose ones.

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I want to put my garelli up on this but I'm afraid it is too clean still.

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It can be clean, just not all raced out.

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Got a red Motomarina, looks average, does 40 ish wit a 60cc kit on an MO2 engine.

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Is this to nice looking? Pretty much a pile of parts from all bikes. Has motron frame, garelli fork, 64 Yamaha yg1k front rim ( has large drum, and stops on a dime), also yg1 speedo and headlight. Home made intake and pipe. Bike rips


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Thats rad, that Carabela can do 43 mph, looking beat like that gives it character though

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Also cant see the other pedal arm but I cut and weld the arm so they are both down, almost like pegs. Minarelli pedal arms are super short so dont scrape in corners. Cant pedal it but a good running bike you should be able to kick start with a few kicks on the stand.


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Both of these bikes actually.


They are both 35+ mph bikes. Yeah kits and pipes and carbs. But just sha carbs and mild pipes. Fun bikes to rip around and start up every time. (edited)

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EH 📣FCC of the QCB /

All stock modded parts. Fun as hell. (edited)

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> Jay Rivett Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Both of these bikes actually.


> They are both 35+ mph bikes. Yeah kits and pipes and carbs. But just

> sha carbs and mild pipes. Fun bikes to rip around and start up every

> time.

Yeah I like simple sha carbs. They run nice on polini kitted v1. Dont rip as hard a mikuni but I'm not about ripping anymore. Just want to be safe and keep up with traffic.

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Damn that vogue I want one Soo bad.

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I currently have only one multi stage carb, and I'm not sure how much longer I will keep it on the bike I have it on. Sha's are only dumb until you figure out how to tune them.

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Picked this out of the trash and although its still ghetto it was found in much poorer condition - unused for the last 30 years and it fired up the day i brought it home with a bit of gas down the plug hole - two carb cleans two rounds of tank vinegar - new plug - battery - air filter and gear oil and a metric shit ton of elbow grease later it rips to 35 almost instantly and will do 40 flat and more downhill -


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na i'm way more likely to play with aesthetics and make something funny or silly rather than just fast. I mean I can dig it, but never managed to make it a goal. had plenty of stock looking bikes but they were all pretty stock inside too, maybe port and mild mods - 40 & reliable a pretty consistent goal

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Blake Totally a real doctor /

This turd is a face melter.


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