Honda Pa50 clutch sounds

Soo awhile ago I stopped being able to start my bike on the stand. The pedals would just continue moving and I’d hear a scraping sound. Sometimes it would catch

Now it only starts with a good roll. But I’ve also noticed that when moving slow (or being turned by hand) there is a metal scraping sound.

I removed down to here and have detriments the noise is from here.

Any ideas?

Also, the red strip seems to be worn. What is that?



Re: Honda Pa50 clutch sounds

someone painted the starter clutch bell, u gonna have to fab a puller wanna say 26mm x 1.5mm a tube a nut and bolt all welded. pop it off take a look at your clutch springs, im guessing something awry.

Re: Honda Pa50 clutch sounds

What do the starter shoes look like inside bell?

Re: Honda Pa50 clutch sounds

I mean, it looks like the shoes are ok but I’m not sure how they are meant to look

Also I’m assuming my starter shoes are shot because of the issues with starting (plus I’ve been told this is likely my issue)

Can the starter shoes make that kind of noise? They don’t appear to be down to metal or scraping yet, but since it’s intermittent it’s possible just one has started to get an edge

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