Treats Bing clones VS Ebay Bing clones

Is there a difference between the Bing clones that Treats sell for $69, and the ones on Ebay that sell for $23. They really do look identical, and I'm curious what is different between the two to justify that price difference. I understand the concept of business buy low sell high, however, does the treats clone really have $40 dollars more material or value than the Ebay clone?

Re: Treats Bing clones VS Ebay Bing clones

EH 📣FCC of the QCB /

On comes from a reputable moped store. They have better quality clones then the typical one on eBay. Lots of the eBay ones have different atomizers and the genuine PHBG parts are not a direct fit. I have bought both. I will never buy a eBay clone.

But will all that being said from here on out I will not mess with a clone carb because every time it has been a headache and costs close to a real carb in the end trying to make a clone work.

Re: Treats Bing clones VS Ebay Bing clones

For sure erich, i know where your coming from, and I'm from the school, "buy it nice, or buy it twice" concept. I would just spend the extra $35 at Treats, and get a real Bing.

I just didnt know that many different levels of clone carbs existed. You have Ebay entry level clone, amazon good/better clone, and then Treats best clone. I'm in car audio and it's the same thing with amplifiers and subs. i can have two amps sitting side by side each saying 1500 watts and one can be $99 and the other could be $649. I guess the carb game is following suit.

Re: Treats Bing clones VS Ebay Bing clones

These are probably the same as on ebay, for only 6,95!

Re: Treats Bing clones VS Ebay Bing clones

I've had really good results with the SHA and PHBG clones that I've bought on aliexpress but you gotta know which ones to buy.

I wouldn't mess with a bing clone, unless you are just buying it for the body and swap all the parts over from a good one. I usually just grab a used 14 off buy/sell.

Re: Treats Bing clones VS Ebay Bing clones

Probably Fred /

I’m with Graham, I went through dozens 14 mm bings over years, they are great for mild piston port kits/cylinder builds, they make close same power as a 15 mm bing depending on pipe and cold start is better then 15mm bing on pp kits some times times too.

I do prefer the 15 mm bing with certain kits/reed kits/builds over the 14mm bing though a lotta times I try out both carbs to see which one works better like I’m doing right now to get best mpg to power

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